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Haddonfield Youth Basketball Association (HYBA) Travel Team Guidelines and Information


The HYBA offers a competitive travel program for boys and girls in grades 4 through 8 who are residents of Haddonfield, NJ.


  1. Program Objective

The objective of the HYBA Travel Program is to provide a developmental program for advanced players in a structured and competitive environment. Travel teams will endeavor to compete against the best teams and players from other youth basketball associations in and around Southern New Jersey.

  1. Commitment

Players and parents must be able to make a major commitment to traveling team practices, games and tournaments. Players are expected to be at all practices, games and tournaments. Any player that cannot make this type of commitment should not tryout for the traveling team.

  1. Schedule

The travel/tournament season begins in late November and will end in early March with practices beginning in late October. Teams will play approximately 12-16 regular season games plus playoffs. Teams are expected to have two-90 minute practices and one game per week.

  1. Tryout and Player Selection Process
  • All players must attend at least one of the two evaluation sessions posted. However, it is strongly recommended that a player attends both evaluations if possible.
  • The player selection process will include evaluations that will be completed by an independent evaluation committee with one site coordinator during tryouts. This process will bring the highest level of objectivity to the selection of the teams possible. Players will be evaluated both on drills and game play.
  • The players with the highest evaluation ratings will be selected for the travel team.
  • The target number of players per team has been set at 10 or less in order to maximize playing time and developmental opportunities in games/practices. Further, each travel team may be limited to 8 players at the Board’s discretion.
  • Only residents of Haddonfield or children enrolled in a school located in Haddonfield may participate on a HYBA Travel Team.
  • In the Board’s sole discretion, a second-tier team may be formed after the try out process. This decision to form the second tier team will be made after consideration of many factors, including, buy not limited to, league availability, gym space, and number of potential players. Consistent with prior years, HYBA will try to form second tier teams.
  1. Playing Time

There is no minimum playing time requirement in HYBA. However, we do encourage coaches to make every effort to play each player if the situation permits and to not sit the same player(s) for the entire game in consecutive games. 

We do not encourage parents to discuss playing time with their child’s coach. However, should you decide to do so, please do not approach the coach before, during or immediately after a game. The time to have any such discussion is on a non-game day and not in the presence of the players or other parents.

  1. Coach Selection

Those interested in coaching a travel team must submit a letter or email of interest to the Board Member in charge of the appropriate Travel Basketball Program indicated on the Website. HYBA’s mailing address is PO Box 522, Haddonfield, NJ 08033. Coaches will be selected after teams have been formed. 

Teams are limited to one Assistant Coach, Only the Head Coach and/or Assistant Coach are permitted to run practices and sit on the bench during games.

All coaches are encouraged to have a parent meeting prior to the season to discuss their coaching philosophy and the philosophies of HYBA as well as their expectations for the players and parents.

  1. Code of Conduct

Good Sportsmanship is essential. Players, coaches and parents must maintain good sportsman ship at all HYBA events.

  • Applaud good plays for both teams and never ridicule or yell at any of the children.
  • Parents are not to sideline coach.
  • Parents are not permitted to speak to officials before, during or after the game.
  • Any questions a parent may have can be addressed to the coach the day after the game, not immediately following or during a game.
  • Any technical fouls against a parent are considered a team foul and that parent will be asked to leave the gym.


Failure to comply with the above Code of Conduct Policy will result in:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Removal from event & an incident filed with the Board of Directors
  • Parental Seasonal suspension from attending any event.



  1. Travel Expenses

The HYBA travel registration fee includes:

  • Travel League Fee
  • Uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Training/Tournament Fees
  • Referees
  • Insurance
  • Playoffs

Additional training and tournaments must be approved by the Board if outside of team’s yearly budget.


**The HYBA reserves the right to amend these guidelines without further notice at its sole discretion.**


Last Updated: October 2020